Stenzhorn’s Sakura collection is inspired by thetransient beauty of cherry blossoms floating gently through the air like snow. This phenomenon is based on the Japanese philosophical concept of‘mono no aware,’referring to the feeling of pathos derived from the awareness of impermanence.


In Japanese mythology, the goddess of Mount Fuji and all volcanoes was known as ‘Sakura’, or the blossom-princess. Her love story with the deity Ninigi and his refusal to marry Sakura’s older sister, the rock-princess, was believed to have caused the ephemeral, Sakura-like nature of human life instead of its stone-like endurance.


Stenzhorn Sakura Concept Art


The Cup Of Life

The collection is a celebration of beauty and the joy of life. In many cultures, a cup is considered symbol of life itself, and for this reason we decided to embody the curves of the blossom and its petals in this shape. 


Stenzhorn Sakura Concept Art


Careful selection of stones required to match the delicate shades of the flowers.




Stenzhorn Sakura Stone Selection



Stenzhorn Sakura Stone Selection



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