Stenzhorn's bejeweled watches represent the perfect amalgamation of exquisite jewelry and sophisticated timepieces. They reflect a passion for art, sensuality, and sensitivity to beauty. Every watch is made with admiration and dedicated to modern, self-conscious women with exquisite and daring taste. Skilled artisans at Stenzhorn’s traditional studio carefully assemble each timepiece to the highest of standards, transforming them into scintillating jewellery sculptures that tell the time.

Butterfly Lovers

Watch as two mesmerizing butterflies twirl in a graceful, clockwise motion, their delicate scales and veins brought to life through a mesmerising channel setting.


Inspired by the renowned Floral collections, the Floral watch takes beauty to new heights with its soft invisibly set rubies or precious sapphire petals and sparkling diamonds.

Mademoiselle B.

A watch, that pays homage to the everlasting allure of feminine beauty, embodied by the enchanting butterfly. Named after women of exceptional presence, strong personality, and individual beauty, these watches are intended to empower and underline the uniqueness of every woman.


Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Mosaic Watch features a stunning invisible-set precious stone dial framed by an exquisite 18k white gold and diamond pavé bezel. The crown is adorned with a matching precious cabochon, adding an extra touch of opulence to this already mesmerising creation.

Wild LIfe

The Wildlife watch is the ultimate expression of bold yet refined feminine elegance. Illuminating the pavé diamond dial is the mysterious visage of a panther and its piercing gaze articulated by rich cabochon-cut emeralds.


The “Belle” collection takes its name from the Bellflower, the fairy-tale saviour of the beauty in this world. Its story tells us that we should always remember and protect the beauty of nature, where blooming flowers bring happiness and joy.


Chase the rainbow with this bold timely statement, composed of fancy sapphires set in an infinite colour wheel. Graduating through shades of green, blue, lilac to pink and deep red, the magical palette adds a playful yet elegant touch to your everyday look.