Stenzhorn’s Noble Ones collection is inspired by the ancient Chinese symbols for the four seasons. Often called the Four Gentlemen, the seasons are depicted as flowers: an orchid for spring, bamboo for summer, chrysanthemum for autumn, and plum blossom for winter.In Chinese culture, the natural character of these plants reflects human virtues. This symbolic tale has been a source of inspiration since the times of the Song Dynasty to poets and painters, as they express purity, nobility, elegance, strength and love.

This high jewellery collection features three unique colliers that represent plum blossom, wild orchid and chrysanthemum. Bamboo, fourth of the gentlemen flowers, is here represented as the carrying structure for the three necklaces.

“Even from the drawing stage of the necklaces we knew creating the flowers would be a very challenging process. We wanted to capture the chrysanthemum, wild orchid and plum blossom at their most beautiful, when their soft petals have just opened.”

Klaus Stenzhorn

The Chrysanthemum

Stenzhorn chose to represent the flower in its most outstanding color, red, known as symbol of love. This late autumn flower withstands the heavy frost and blooms beautifully in harmonious shapes and bright colours. In many cultures, Chrysanthemums are believed to bring laughter, joy and happiness home. Highly sculptural and meticulously handcrafted, the Chrysanthemum features soft scrolling petals that unfurl to reveal layers of jeweled rubies.

 “The most difficult steps were in fact carefully selecting the rubies by colour, hue and saturation, and most of all re-cutting and setting each stone to fit the curve of every single petal. Rubies encrust even those parts of the petals you can’t see as they are covered by other petals. Our intention was to create the most realistic flowers possible through this technique." Klaus Stenzhorn

The Wild Orchid

The Wild Orchid is symbolizing the spring season. The exceptional grace of this flower is synonymous of unconventional elegance. For centuries, it has been inspiring painters and wood carvers. Now, its rampant nature has been transmitted to this astonishing ruby and diamond necklace.

The Plum Blossom

Plum blossoms are renowned for their outstanding beauty during the desolation of winter. The plum tree is a metaphor to perseverance and nobility. Stenzhorn’s designer attached a cascade of diamonds to stalk and petals, illustrating the purity of morning dew’s tears.

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